Auto Direct Insurance

Replace stolen and total loss cars in 7 days

About Auto Direct Insurance

TPL Insurance’s Auto Direct protects you and your car from unforeseen incidents and accidental damages by providing a wide range of coverage that are specially tailored for every make and model of the vehicle, based on the risk profiling.

Stay financially stable while on the go with Auto direct variants including Comprehensive Auto Insurance, 2T, Secure T and Zero Depreciation.

Moreover, customize your insurance policy with value added products which includes Kar4Kar, Personal Accident, EVAC and Kar4Kar Registration.

For your complete peace of mind, get the best auto insurance that comes with:


The Fastest Claim Settlement


Unparalleled Value Added Provisions


24×7  call centre and Mobile App

Our Packages


Get your car covered from minor damages to total loss with TPL Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage.


Insure your car for basic coverage for theft and Third Party with the affordable prices and free value added features. Get 2T now and insure your car right away!

Secure T

Looking to protect the memories of your old car? Get Total Loss, Theft, Third Party and Terrorism coverage with Secure T if your car is older than 2015.


Earn points for safe driving with insurance telematics. Track your driving score, view driving and violation data and spot areas for improvement on the go. Redeem those points on TPL Insurance Mobile App to get exciting discounts.

Zero Depreciation

Protect your car with a comprehensive auto insurance coverage for 3 years and older vehicles and save your depreciation charges from any effects of aging, wear or tear.

How to Buy

3 easy simple step approach

Step 1

Visit our website/download our app

Step 2

Provide your information

Step 3


You're Insured

How to Claim?

Claim intimation channels

Required Information/ Documents

• Policy number
• Vehicle Particulars
• Date of accident
• Place of accident
• Circumstances of loss & details of damages (e.g. Death/bodily-injury/property damage)
• Name of workshop
• Date and time of survey
• Details of Insured & contact number.
• Email of insured
• Details of Third-party & contact number.
• Name of Insurance Company of Third Party.
• Confirmation of Police Report.

TPL Insurance will review your claim and approve it with 4 easy steps

Step 1

Claim intimation received

Step 2

Verify the policy and premium details with CRM

Step 3

Appoint surveyor to examine the vehicle

Claim approved!

Frequently Asked Questions

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